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Aerial Filming & Drone Operator Hire with a searchable drone directory.

Any drone pilot receiving payment for aerial work is legally required to have CAA / IAA permission and valid commercial insurance. DSR has made the process of finding and hiring a legal drone pilot quick and easy. By ensuring that your drone pilot has their DSR pilot card, you can rest assured that you are employing the services of an approved drone pilot who operates in accordance with UK/ ROI drone laws.

If you are a drone pilot with current CAA / IAA permissions and valid insurance, then there are many reasons to become a DSR member. For more information, see the Membership page.

How to register my drone in the UK?

The UK’s new Drone and Model Aircraft Registration and Education Scheme it will go live on 5th November. Anyone responsible for a drone or unmanned aircraft (including model aircraft) weighing between 250g and 20kg will need to register as an operator. The cost for this is now £9 per year.

You will also need to take and pass an online education test but don’t worry, this is free and renewable every 3 years and can be done easily on line. Both of these requirements become law on 30 November 2019. When you register, you’ll get an operator ID with your certificate of registration. You must display your operator ID on your drones and model aircraft. You can use the same operator ID for all your drones and model aircraft.

Now, we all like to keep our data safe so our advice would be to register directly with the CAA and not a 3rd party provider.

If you are under 13 years of age you can only register with a parent or guardian present.

We’ve now added the official CAA registration link to our website here, but remember, you can’t use this link before the 5th November 2019.

Happy flying and remember, just because you are now registered does not mean you can use your drone commercially. If you need a commercial drone operator? You can find one really easily on our website.

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Is your Roof Prepared for Winter?

Aerial Roof Inspections for Winter.

Thanks to drones equipped with high resolution cameras, our nationwide operators, can check the condition of your roof in preparation for winter. Our members will be able to provide you highly detailed images to help quickly identify trouble spots without touching the roof, no need for ladders or scaffolding.

Drones offer huge cost savings, they’re faster & safer.

Drone safe register pilots are available nationwide 365 days of the year.

To locate your nearest drone pilot or to receive a free instant quote log on to the Drone safe register website today.

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Our qualified trade members can provide professional imagery from many aspects of the Survey and Inspection industry.

Whether you require qualified structural engineering or thermal imaging, the collection of photographic and video imagery of construction projects, 3D modelling, roof inspections, ground mapping, photogrammetry and georeferenced mapping – our DSR pilots will be able to assist you.

UK Aerial Drone Stock Footage

UK Aerial Stock Photos & Video

DSR Stock is the UK’s first dedicated 4K aerial footage portal. All aerial stock is captured by our professional members who hold permissions granted by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

Our new aerial stock imagery listing makes it easy for the creative industries to purchase and license world-class aerial footage shot in the UK.

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As seen on Dragons Den

Drone Roof Survey - Same Day Nationwide Service

Aerial Roof Survey.

Roof inspections can be a crucial measure in saving you money in the long term by spotting potential problems early, whether you are inspecting a property you are planning on purchasing or one that you already own.

However, traditional inspection methods such as scaffolding erection or hiring elevated platforms can seem to incur more expense and disruption than the benefit that they provide. Luckily, drone roof inspections can provide a faster, cheaper and simpler solution to your roof inspection needs.

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A searchable national database containing the contact details and profiles of CAA approved and insured drone pilots who are available for hire.

Just enter their postcode and then they can then select from a list of locally based pilots who are qualified to handle the work.

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